Josh Milan – Thinking About Your Body (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix)

October 29th, 2012

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Louie Vega presents an absolute stunner for the club circuit with spanking new mastered remixes of ‘Thinking About Your Body’, the seductively timeless groove Josh Milan originally released on his Honeycomb Music label last year.
Vega and Milan are no strangers to producing collaborative gold in the studio, and each rightfully places live instrumentation and stellar vocals on a pedestal. As expected, there’s no exception when Vega revisits ‘Thinking About Your Body’, a massive chart-topper he previously remixed featuring the Elements of Life band. This time around, the Grammy-award winning producer and composer hits his stride and tops perfection with four distinct versions guaranteed to fill any dance floor every time.
Vega’s Dance Ritual Remix opens with a smooth intro, concentrating on the track’s jazzy chords, polished brass section and a lush, funk-tinged arrangement. The music compels you to listen closely as the pace picks up while Milan’s silky voice flows beautifully to express a profound desire and borders on a cappella.
The package wouldn’t be complete without a Roots Main Mix and Instrumental. The tables turn with the stripped down mix leaning more toward the pure House element. The song’s heartfelt message surfaces prominently via Milan’s passionate lyrics and the captivating background vocals of Dawn Tallman, a respected songstress known for her soulful delivery time and time again. No doubt, fans of the original deep House hit will quickly embrace the latest mastered remixes of ‘Thinking About Your Body’, available exclusively on Vega Records. Milan will be on the upcoming Elements of Life: The Eclipse album showcasing various collaborations with Louie Vega, including this new release which is going to warm up and marinate the new sounds of EOL coming soon with the first release, Children Of The World.

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