King Club – You Were Singing (Ralf Gum & Christian P Interpretation)

January 13th, 2013

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You Were Singing

While ‘Albator’ was saving the planet, young French pop artist King Club, was learning and listening to the music: piano, drums and bass to express his universe, balanced between the Atlantic waves and daily blue. It may be the azure or the taste of the party that inspired the melody of his track. Unless it is just a simple and strong desire to make the galaxy dance.

Forever seduced by Stevie Wonder’s harmonies, touched by Supertramp’s airy mood and Aphex Twins laboratory, his tone is in the mix of electronic and acoustic sound, of synthetic pads and organic riffs. Ultimate pretext of laying his voice for a definitive house style.

Additional to King Club’s classy original mix, the vinyl contains three Ralf GUM & CrisP remixes. An interpretation of the original, a fierce dub mix and a club-rocking alternative vocal version.

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