Random Soul – Music Inside (Scott Diaz 2-in-1 Remix) and (Random Soul Classic Mix)

July 30th, 2012

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‘From The Vault Series 01’ is the first of its kind for Random Soul Recordings. It is a selection of back catalogue tracks that have been re-tweaked and reworked, to add a fresh spin on classic tracks from the Random Soul Recordings vault. For the first in the series there are two massive names that need little introduction, Shane D and Scott Diaz.

Scott has been rocking some of the most memorable remixes and originals for the past few years and has delivered his patented flavour to Random Soul’s ‘Music Inside’. With lush piano chords, conga loops and a live bass groove, this one screams a soul-gasm. His remix transports you to a hot place, margarita in hand, pool splashing as people dance and move to the rhythm in the air. A classic remix utilizing the very best from the original with Scott’s undeniable ability to move you

‘Music Inside’ is an energetic slice of organic funk, which is clearly aimed for a variety of dance floors. Utilizing smooth chords, live bass and the brilliant sax licks of Sydney’s Paul Chennard. The Original and Classic mixes are all about the happy and soulful vibes, leaning more towards the beach/poolside sets.

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