Tape Five – The Remixes

September 5th, 2012

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Tape Five – Bad Boy Good Man (Magnum PI Remix)
Tape Five feat. Yuliet Topaz – Madame Coquette (Giano Remix)

Are you a Tango-dancing spy, that is searching suitcase No.347 with very suspicious contents in Nice, Havanna or Moscow in 1972? Are you wearing your best white linen suit doing the cha-cha-cha in Rico’s Bar (re-incarnated back in time at the birth place of Calypso) or would you recognize the legendary ‘Rat Pack’ in a 60’s Las Vegas nightclub creating that ‘swingfood mood’? No, this is not a James Bond movie, not even a Humphrey Bogart classic in Casablanca, neither a cotton plantation in the Southern States in the ‘Summertime’, nor is it ‘Avenue du Gare’ where you smoke your last cigar… Keep cool, it’s just the film in your head!

Enter the world of Tape Five –┬áThe multi-international project based around songwriter/producer Martin Strathausen, is put together with a few hand-picked live musicians.

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